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The Evidence Quarter

What Works

Focussing on evidence for LGBTQ+
across the What Works Network

Who are we?

The What Works LGBTQ+ Group, was established in 2020 with the aim of bringing together the expertise that exists across the What Works Network to make the best possible evidence on ‘what works’ for LGBTQ+ communities available to decision makers. 

The What Works LGBTQ+ Group ultimately seeks to:

  • Better understand the evidence base around LGBTQ+ issues
  • Support in the efforts to improve data, including analysis and linkage
  • Support the evaluation of interventions for LGBTQ+ communities 
  • Build a focus on LGBTQ+ issues into the wider work of What Works Centres

Expert Advisors

The initiative is supported by an Expert Advisory Group who provide advice on research priorities, opportunities for collaboration, and the remit and scope of the group. The ambition is that in time, that they will also be able to review and advise on a portfolio of evaluative projects. 

Which organisations are involved?

Organisations in the What Works LGBTQ+ Group are listed below and you can click through to read their involvement in our shared mission. We’re always keen to expand this list and collaborate with other organisations – so please do get in touch if you would like to find out more.

Who to contact?

The Group was founded and is chaired by Louise Jones, Director of Programmes at What Works for Children’s Social Care.

Please contact Clare Clancy, Programmes Manager at What Works for Children’s Social Care if you would like further information about the What Works LGBTQ+ Group.