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The Evidence Quarter

Youth Futures Foundation

Youth Futures Foundation is working to remove the barriers preventing disadvantaged young people from entering the labour market, with a particular focus on addressing the ethnic disparities in youth employment.

Youth Futures Foundation was established in February 2019 in response to the government’s commitment to allocate £90m of dormant asset funding to youth opportunities. We plan to invest over £90m into high quality partnerships, organisations and programmes dedicated to solving this issue. In 2020, we are beginning our work by investing in initiatives that show a thorough understanding of – and reach into – the groups of young people we aim to support, and display solid logic models connecting their activity to employment outcomes for young people. 

Evidence, research, impact management and insight are critical to our work to make change happen – not just for the young people participating in the work we fund, but even more importantly for the hundreds of thousands of young people who are impacted by unemployment or underemployment every day. As such, going beyond building the evidence base to get our recommendations adopted in practice will be pivotal to our success.