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The Youth Endowment Fund

What Works LGBTQ+

The Youth Endowment Fund (YEF) is a member of the What Works Network LGBTQ+ group and is committed to working with the group to improve the evidence base around the experiences and outcomes of LGBTQ+ people. YEF’s evidence and gap map, the world’s largest resource mapping evidence on what works to keep children safe from involvement in violence, includes articles relating to the experience and outcomes of LGBTQ+ young people. YEF is also building the evidence base about the experiences and outcomes of different groups of young people through the evaluations we commission. Depending on the type of evaluation and the type of project it relates to, this might include assessing whether outcomes are different according to ethnicity or exploring whether the project is sufficiently sensitive to LGBTQ+ people, for example.

Lucy Brims

Lucy is a mixed-methods researcher with a background in social work practice. She previously worked at the Social Care Institute for Excellence, where she led research relating to social care, health and youth participation. Prior to that, she worked at the Early Intervention Foundation, where she focused on evaluation methodology. This included assessing the evidence underpinning school-based and parenting programmes to inform commissioners’ decision making. Lucy has an MSc in evidence-based social intervention and policy evaluation from the University of Oxford.