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The Evidence Quarter

Justice Lab UK

Justice Lab is a policy and research centre using data and evidence to tackle the most pressing problems facing the justice system.

We exist to bring about a justice system that is fair, open and efficient for everyone. We have four programmes of work:

Data – We advise policy makers, judges and practitioners on data strategy and work directly with governments, funders, courts and community organisations to promote best practice in the collection, use and sharing of justice data.

Research – Data and evidence are required to understand whether processes, laws and systems are effective. We undertake, commission and promote robust research into the most pressing issues facing the UK justice system.

Influence – The scale of these challenges requires system-wide change across organisations that design, deliver, and interact with the justice system. We use our research to inform and influence parliamentarians, practitioners, policy-makers and the wider public debate.

Collaboration – We are building an international community of practitioners, researchers, policy makers and advocates committed to using data and evidence to deliver a justice system that is fair, open and efficient for everyone.

Led by Dr Natalie Byrom, Justice Lab is supported by a multi-year, multi-million pound programme of funding from The Legal Education Foundation.