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The Evidence Quarter

About the EQ

The EQ is home to a small but growing number of organisations with a passion for finding evidence-led solutions to some of the biggest social challenges facing the UK today. It aims to bring together these organisations to share physical space, increase collaboration, and tackle joint challenges together.

Organisations based in the EQ also face common challenges around methodology, building movements, and achieving an impact with their research. However, the more these organisations can work together, and share resources and ideas, the more impact they can have.

The EQ also offers office space for its member organisations in the heart of Westminster. There are regular events, seminars and networking drinks, as well as roundtables and collaboration events.

Eventually, the EQ hopes to provide a meeting place for organisations who value evidence to come together.

To learn more about how you can be part of The EQ, please click here.

The office

Space to promote the office and facilities to encourage more sign-ups. Also, to promote hiring the KJ event space. TBC

Meet the EQ team